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Southern Nevada Darts Association

 Tuesday  Night   Starts at 7:30 PM
3 Players per team minimum (may have more), No more than 2 Masters player on each team.
Format:  501, 301, Cricket, each game only once
in each match. 
  7 games total:
     3 Doubles matches, best of 3 legs
     3 Singles matches, best of 3 legs
     1 Team game, best of 3 legs

Chicago  League Schedule
Chicago Team Standings
Chicago  Singles Standings
Chicago  Score Sheet

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At the beginning of a new season, again, I will need everyone's info, 
please note form has changed, I need everything.
Physical addy, (if there is no email) email addy, and phone numbers, please note cell or land line.
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There was an issue brought up at the captains meeting about players leaving early, and not playing the team match.  In otherwords the weaker player was allowed to go home, while the stronger ones stayed and finished the night. It was decided that  when the roster has been filled out at the beginning of the night, if a player was placed in the team game, he/she must play the team game, or be replaced with a ghost if for some reason they are unable to play. No changes are to be made to the roster once the games have begun.
Masters League
     Thursday night   Starts at 7:30 PM
3 Players per team minimum
 (may have more)
   9 games total:                                                3 Doubles 501 matches, beat of 3 legs
  3 Singles Chicago matches, best of 3 legs
  2 doubles Cricket matches, best of 3 legs
  1 doubles Chicago match, best of 3 legs

Masters League Schedule
Masters Team Standings
Masters Singles Standings
Masters League Score Sheet

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