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From the Desk of Stacy Bromberg ADO Rep.
Okay everyone....Things were getting way to cluttered here, and we need room for new stuff! These notices are always current and important. NEW members be sure to read the old notices page!  click HERE.
I am putting together a list of players who are available to sub, or or looking to put together a team.  If you would like to be on this list please submit your info HERE.
A few reminders for the new season: BOTH captains must fax in their sheets! It is the captains resposibility to do this!
Since teams frequently call me when they can not find phone numbers, I have put together a contact list, and I need phone numbers for ALL members, this is because on several occassions I have not been able to reach the captain or co-captain! THANKS!
Read an article, written by Pat Carrigan, published in the Bulls-Eye News.
About watching darts on the web.
To: All SNDA Players10/5/2006
From: Pat Carrigan, President SNDA

Every once in a while I have to write a little memo to the players in regards to a few things. Well that time has come. Please share this info with teammates and others as well.

1. Match start times for league play:
Tuesday Chicago starts at 7:30 p.m.
Thursday Masters starts at 7:30 p.m.
Thursday "A" starts at 7:00 p.m. 
1a. Forfeit times are 15 minutes after league start times, unless BOTH teams agree to start late. Captain's may write down their lineups and play around missing player(s) if agreed on by BOTH teams. Usually this has not been a problem, but a couple of times already this season it has. If you start a match around missing player(s), and they do NOT arrive within 15 minutes after the last available match is played, the team missing the player(s) will forfeit that person's singles and play short handed in the doubles (i.e. one player against two players) if they choose not to forfeit them also.
NO exceptions.
1b. If a team notifies another team that a player or players will be late, they must agree to either postpone and reschedule the match, or agree to a time the match must start by. There is NO guessing as to a time when they might arrive. If a team chooses to wait for another team or player past that time so be it, but they may not leave or receive a forfeit if that time passes. It comes down to communication, and in this day of cell phones, someone can usually get a hold of someone and pass this info along. COURTESY, BOTTOM LINE!!!!!!

2. Corking to start legs:
If you are playing a doubles match, either player may cork and either player may start. The person who corks does NOT have to be the person who starts that leg. All doubles go at least 2 legs, so the same person can cork all legs if that team chooses to do so, but they can also switch the start order at the beginning of the legs. If they have a designated corker or starter this is allowed. The same rules apply to team games.

If you or your teams have questions on rules or other items, feel free to email me and I will address them. If I don't hear them, I can't address them. My email is: [email protected].


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Question: When you are short a player...what happens on the singles match?
Does the player with no opponent get the win?

Answer: It is awarded as a point for the team, but not for the individual player, either as a win or a loss for the forfeiting player. We debated this long ago and decided it was not fair to award a win to a player in a match they did not play. If a team wants to restructure their lineup when knowledge of a forfeit might take place, that is allowed, provided they have NOT played any games until that point.

So , if you are submitting the scores for the individual that drew the missing player, just chose N/A for the wins and losses, and make a note in the comments section.
Do not give a  win or loss to either the player present or the one missing!

                                              Hat Tricks/6 Bulls

There seems to be a misconception about hat tricks. I will try and explain, hopefully helping you and maybe others out.
The problem arises because of the difference between steel-tip darts and soft-tip darts. In soft-tip darts, outside of cricket, 3 bulls (inner or outer) = 150 points, that's why people throw at it. They play with inner (50, 2 count) and outer bulls (25, 1 count) in cricket. In steel-tip darts we always use inner bulls as 50 or 2 bulls/count and outer bulls as 25 or 1 bull/count. We, the SNDA, and other steel-tip organizations and tournaments qualify a hat trick as 6 bulls. That would be 3 inner bulls and they ALL need to count. If you can close and/or get maximum points from hitting the 6 bulls, either in cricket or an '01 game, that would be a hat trick. If when throwing at the bulls in cricket and only 5 are needed to win a game and a person throws 6, it is NOT a hat trick. Great shot but NOT a hat trick.
We do not have a place on the score sheet for 3 bulls and will not. There are certificates and pins for 180's, Round of 9, Hat Tricks and 170 in/out.