Constitution of the
Southern Nevada Darts Association

    The name of this organization shall be the Southern Nevada Dart Association.
     The Southern Dart Association  (hereafter referred to as the SNDA) shall be a 
     member in good standing of the American Dart Organization (hereafter referred
     to as the ADO).

     -The SNDA shall be a non-profit organization.

     -The SNDA shall promote the sport of steel point darts in southern Nevada by
     sponsoring Ieagues/toumaments/competitions, holding meetings, distributing newsletters,
     striving to improve the general playing conditions and attempting to increase the visibility
     of steel darts in southern Nevada.

     -The SNDA shall provide advice and/or support to a sponsor in establishing
      Ieagues/tournaments/competitions, to the best of the club's ability.

     -The SNDA shall establish and maintain friendly relationships with similar organizations
      through out the country.

     -The SNDA shall apply for and pay all membership fees, for all members to the
      ADO and shall keep the membership informed of all ADO rules which affect them,
      and activities in which they may participate.

Membership in the SNDA is open to any individual, business or organization interested-in steel darts as a sport in southern Nevada. The SNDA reserves the right to revoke membership and all associated rights and privileges.

The SNDA shall be comprised of the General Membership and the Executive Board. Board members will be elected on an annual basis and are charged with the sole responsibility for the administration of the clubs activities, monies, and properties, to accomplish the before mentioned objectives. The general membership is charged with the responsibility of conducting themselves in a safe and sportsmanlike manner, abiding by the rules and regulations set forth by the ADO and SNDA and with increasing the number of and developing the skill level of new members.

The Executive Board shall be the business arm of the SNDA with the sole authority of entering into binding contracts and/or agreements in-the name of the SNDA. No single member, or members, can commit the club in any manner without Board approval. Operating revenues will be obtained by the collection of dues, gifts and donations. The Board, in the name of the club, to accomplish the club’s objectives, will administer these monies. The private property of SNDA members shall not be liable for the debts of the SNDA but shall be wholly exempt there from.

Bylaws of the SNDA

Section 1- Membership fees shall be reviewed and established at the first annual Board meeting.

Section 2- The current annual membership dues are $15 (amended) and shall apply for the time period covering January 1st through December 31st.

Section 3- Honorary membership carries no fee and may be given for financial support, donations of playing area or any other consideration that the Board deems appropriate (as decided by a 2/3 majority vote).

Section 4- An associate membership (for those wishing to financially support the club) shall carry a $20 annual fee.

Section 5- All membership fees must be paid to the Treasurer within 30 days of application. If fees are not paid the applicant will be notified by the Board to resolve the situation.


Section 1- There will be a minimum of one meeting per year, the first of which will be held on the first Friday in September of 1993 for the purpose of electing a new Board. Thereafter, the meeting will be held on the first Friday of November.

Section 2- Meetings will be governed by the current edition of Roberts Rules of Order.

Section 3- Meetings will be called at the discretion of the President who shall determine the Iocation, time and date.

Section 4- The Secretary shall give notice 2 weeks prior to meeting by supplying members with agenda.

Section 5- 10% of the current voting members shall constitute a quorum.

Section 6- All votes are simple majority by show of hands unless the President decides a secret ballot is appropriate.

Section 7- General membership meetings shall have no time limit however, the President should make every effort to conduct the meeting in a timely manner.

Section 8- The President shall preside over meetings and reserves the right to expel any member or spectator from meeting for inappropriate behavior.