Team Captains - Please notify Statistician when you have a match
rescheduled......add or delete players from your Team.....
also when you use a sub, please indicate the player is a sub by writting SUB beside thier name on the scoresheet....And ALWAYS use last names on score sheets, in the singles matches and in the individual achievements (we want credit where credit is due!)!

And Please keep a copy of your scoresheets!

Notice: As of the fall season, 2003, it is required that both teams fax or email their scoresheets in. Please check both scoresheets carefully before signing them, and be sure that you keep a copy for your own records, in case of any disputes!
If scoresheets are not received within (7) seven days from date match is scheduled to be played,the match shall be considered not played and deemed rescheduled or forfited. Discrepancies will be dealt with immediately by the board of directors.
1. Please, captains, when filling out your scoresheets and you know that the people you list on the sheet were not on your initial roster(see schedule), note that they are permanent players or subs. Cheryl has created a place for subs on the singles standings. Remember first & last names, please.
2. There are a lot of teams/players that have yet to pay their yearly SNDA dues. They are now PAST DUE. Please send the orange sheet, filled out, with check to the PO Box,
                                           P.O. Box 43554
                                           Las Vegas, NV 89116
or give to Rose at the Saturday night Blind Draw @ CD's.
3. Most of our sponsor bars are now paying the player's fees, (not the $10.00 yearly, that is your responsibility). Please contact me if you need to know if your bar is paying player's fees. If you do not contact me, you are responsible for those fees if you choose to stay at that bar.
4. High On/High Off/Low Dart games - Here is the breakdown for these:
   High On - Anything 90-170
   High Off - Anything 170-90
   Low Dart - 301  (Chicago & Masters 9 darts or less, A League 12 darts or less)
   Low Dart - 501  (Chicago & Masters 15 darts or less, A League 18 darts or less)
This is for singles and doubles. Do NOT put down 22 or 24 darts games just to get your names on the sheet. If your scoresheet is received by 5pm on the Friday the match was scheduled, your name/s will go on the sheet for the week. If you one up the previous season high, that will be placed on the sheet as well.
5. Tons, 180's, 9 counts & Bulls - Chicago & A, 100 and above, Masters 120 and above, bulls must be 5 or 6.
6. Phone calls to myself, Cheryl or officers should be conducted between the hours of 10am to 10pm, unless an emergency arises. Midnight calls for questions are NOT cool.
7. Captains are getting very good at now faxing the scoresheets in time. Thank you. Cheryl does stats starting at 5pm on Friday, so please try and get them in by then.
8. There are a lot of postponements or reschedules going on. Please try to make every effort to field your team, or call me the day before and I might be able to find a sub before you reschedule. Reschedules can mess up the standings and hold up playoffs at the end.

July 20, 2015

To all SNDA current, past and future players,
Hopefully this message finds you all in good health and happiness.
Every now and again I feel the need to write a letter to all of you letting you know what is happening with the SNDA and world of darts. Well I felt the need.

Status of the SNDA
We are hurting for players. Past players that might want to come back, think about coming back. Current players, thank you for still being here and playing. Future players, don’t know how you get this but if you hear from current or past players that this is fun, join, we need you. The last 2 seasons have only had 7 Masters teams competing, no Chicago League, and for the last 4 years or so no A-League. We cannot continue to survive with just that. ADO fees, statistician fees, bank fees, Post Office box fees are quickly eating up our funds. If you can think of ways to bring more darters to the leagues, please let me know.
Brutal reality – 2 more seasons with just Masters and we will have no funds left to continue. I’m just being honest.

Status of darts
Electronic darts is growing. No score keeping, handicap systems, matches through the internet. Lots of locations in the Las Vegas valley. Blind draws or leagues everyday of the week. Lots of darts.

Blind Draws
We still have the steel-tip blind draws. Friday is at the Rum Runner-DI Signups 7:30, 8:00-ish start. Saturdays are at CD’s Sports Lounge and run by Rose. Signups are at 7:30, 8:00 start.  There is also a Monday single’s blind draw at Sporting Life Bar, run by Kurt Hackman. They are every other Monday, use July 27 as reference date and start @ 8:30 pm.

And speaking of CD’s
They have new owners and they have spent lots of $$ repainting, reflooring and brightening up the place. New beer menu and more TV’s with sports as well. If you haven’t been there in a while you might want to stop in, I think you will love it.

I’m always open to suggestions, ideas, etc. We exist because you want a place to play, help us with that.  Sign-ups now being taken for Fall League until Aug. 23
Sign up at

    (but still valid information!)
And ... A snippet from a letter from Pat Carrigan:
1.If you do not have a complete team at signups and ask us (SNDA) for players to help fill your roster, you don’t get to “fire” them after a couple of weeks or replace them. There are plenty of players around you could have gotten yourselves, so don’t blame us if that person doesn’t fit your personality. We get emails and questions about players wanting to be permanent players or subs, we don’t know all of them, so we do the best we can.

2.Subs – If you have a team roster exceeding the number of players needed for league play, 3 Chicago & Masters, 4 “A”, and some of those players cannot make the match for various reasons, you may only use subs if your roster for the match drops below the number or required players, i.e. 4 players on Masters roster, 1 cannot make it, 3 players show up, NO subs allowed but, 3 players for Chicago, 1 cannot make it, need 1 sub not 2.

It is not a written rule about players not showing up because you are playing a good team and you feel that a better sub might be better for your match, this is an etiquette thing. (#1) If a member of your team shows up after the match has started, it is up to the other team to allow them to play if you did not put them on your score sheet. (#2) If a team member shows up late during the match and they have been replaced by a sub, let the other team know and do your best to put that person on the score sheet where you have the sub. (#3) Write sub next to the player that is subbing for you in the high score area. Remember, money is not awarded for wins or places, in most cases it’s a trophy or plaque that will be awarded.

One of the previous seasons I  had the misfortune to observe several instances of POOR sportsmanship. I feel compelled to put in my two cents!

I am not a particularly good or accurate player. I don't usually  win a singles match....When I do I feel that I am having a particularly good night, yes I am tickled, but lets face it, when it comes to singles, wins are rare for me. When I lose my match....I don't curse the other player, or accuse him/her of deliberately pounding on me, (Nor do I curse the boards, bar or other team.) I assume that they have played their best game.....and I congratulate them accordingly.
There were too many instances of that bad type of behavior that season. One is too many!
Remember, it is a game, we are out there to have a good time, and throw our best darts. Get mad at yourself, if you must...but, shake hands...congratulate the other player(s).... then run outside to do your cursing and yelling. Let's have fun!